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Andrea Paldan


DIVA'S by ANDREA PALDAN golf collection

The luxurious women golf collection — DIVA'S by ANDREA PALDAN — brings to the classical golf fashion the new lines in „golf diva“ style and many materials and elements unusual for sport fashion with maintenance of functionality. The collection includes 15 garments from sporty poloshirts throught dresses and skirts to elegant jacket. It is completed by design of golf shoes and a golf bag. 

Clients have the opportunity to present theirself in one style not just during the game on the green or in a golf club but also by the events out of the world of golf. All pieces are absolutely combinable. Exceptional element is the laser-cut-chiffon socked in 3D effect inspired by the golf balls, shiny satin strech cotton, trendy Swarovski crystals or engraving stailless steel labels inspired by the winning trophies. Design of the collection is enriched by autor's textile patterns.

The collection was nominate for the NATIONAL PRIZE FOR DESIGN 2011.

Foto: Peter Frolo

The protypes were tested by a slovak-belgian golf player Victoria Tomko at the Slovak Golf Championship. Wearing outfits from the collection Victoria won it and became the mistress of Slovakia. She wears them exclusivelly by her tournaments and events in Portugal, Florida, Madeira and other countries.

Foto: Peter Frolo