video presentation

Andrea Paldan



Ball gown collection by Andrea Paldan was presented at the fashion show _ ORANGE FASHION _ 7th December 2009 in Palugyay palace, Bratislava, Slovakia.

Collection WONDERLAND is inspired by the world of luxury, bohemianism, precious jewels and of the most elegant world of woman.

Presented ball gowns are the sophisticated original pieces made from silk, mousseline, lace, tull and feathers. The color spectrum is built from innocent white, elegant tone of champagne, bohemian purple, royal gold and dramatic black.

The most luxurious dress of the collection is the gown „The Golden Muse“ made from goldish silk and 3D silk lace with the 14-carat gold glitters of different sizes and shapes special made for this original piece. This gown was created for a presentation of Sona Skoncova, the I.Vicemiss Slovakia 2009, at the world competition Miss International 2009.

Accessories — brilliant and gem stone jewels by ELEN RUSSO hand made jewels.

Foto: Photo: Juraj Dozsa